Showreel 2021 

heid comm2020

'Feestdagen' Commercial Campagne Corona Rijksoverheid (2020)

Scene from a short film that I recorded in 2020 with an international group of actors via zoom. Anne says goodbye to Sophie 

Two detectives are stationing in front of a serial rapist's house. In the meantime, they also have something to discuss with each other about their collaboration. Camera: Pollo de Pimentel. Counterplay: Christine Bijvanck. (October 2020)

Showreel from 2012-2018  with excerpts from: Dokter Tinus (2016), Celblok H (2014), Nieuwe Buren (2018), Hemel Boven Holland (2007), Flikken Maastricht (2016), Van Speijk (2007), Storm (2008), Nooit te old (2012),